Clean Eye Pencils

Clean Eye Pencils

Clean Eye Pencils

Having a set of quality eye pencils and eyeliners is a requirement for any beauty enthusiast. It’s amazing how something as small as wearing an eyeliner makes your eyes pop. This could also help in quickly throwing together a stunning look.

The Best Clean Eyeliner Pencil

The W3II Hypnotist Eye Pencil carries the day as the best natural eye pencil. This product is long-lasting, offers superb performance, and ships in a variety of colors.

Jillian Dempsey Eyeliner sets the pace as a close runner up and performs almost as well. What’s outstanding about this eye pencil is that one end is fitted with an eyeliner while the other end has a smudge brush, both of which are practical really easy to apply.

Applying Eyeliner 

When using a pencil eyeliner, it is mandatory to sharpen it. You don’t want to apply your makeup with a dull clean eye pencil. Then you will have to go slow with applying your eyeliner. Slowly stroke for even application.

There are generally two approaches to applying eyeliner. You can start by creating a line above your eyelashes for a broad look, but if you are a beginner or do not require a broad look, you can draw the line close to the waterline.

The Q-Tip comes in handy whenever you make a mistake. You can start with a dry Q-Tip, but if that does not prove to be effective, you can turn to a makeup remover or face lotion to remove the products.

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