Clean Bronzers

Clean Bronzers

Clean Bronzer

Bronzers are used to define the face; they enhance one’s bone structure and give a fake tan for pale people and enhances the complexion for dark skins. A bronzer has the effect of transforming your face with a few contouring styles or application on the cheekbones. The current trend has makeup consumers buying cleaner and healthier makeup products. Clean bronzers are essential for every makeup consumer. The move to switch from toxic supplies to clean products is being done gradually.

Makeup consumers can start by slowly swapping their skincare products for healthier ones. Clean bronzers are a step in the right direction for every makeup user.

How to apply:

  • Begin with less and keep adding from there.
  • Dub the clean bronzer on your brush and shape over your face. You could begin from your temples to cheekbones, the tip of your chin, and even neck.
  • Always blend them
  • Should you find out you have used too much, using a clean fluffy brush buff off any heavy areas.

Ensure the product’s ingredients are organic. This could be a step in the right direction in avoiding toxic bronzers. Read ingredients to make sure toxic substances such as silicone and lead are not part of it.

Choosing the appropriate shade, this is entirely dependent on your skin type and preference.

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