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When it comes to getting your hair colored, there are many questions that people ask. Do I clean my hair before coloring? Do I use clean hair coloring? Does the color wash off if I bathe afterward?

Do I clean my hair before coloring? 

No! Most colorists advise that you use dirty hair when coloring. Uncleaned hair contains natural oils that act as protection against chemicals. Dirty hair is very greasy. This grease prevents the skin from constant irritation. It also ensures there is less hair damage and thus less hair breakage. Clean hair is challenging to handle, especially when applying specific techniques. Above all, washed hair is fragile.

Do I use clean hair coloring?

The question of the type of products to use is a pertinent one. Always know your hair products. Clean hair coloring is recommended as the ingredients used are healthy and good for your scalp and hair. Use shampoos that do not contain sulfates. Clean shampoos contain herbal cures that restore scarred skin on the scalp. Substances like keratin can endow you with healthy hair- smooth and detangles easily.

Does the color wash off if I bathe afterward?

NO! Color does not fade or wash out. You can shower after going to the salon. Clean hair products are excellent as they make you look vibrant after a coloring session.

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