Benito Skinner, a.k.a. Benny Drama, Drops His Skin-Care Routine

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Benito Skinner, a.k.a. Benny Drama, Drops His Skin-Care Routine

Skinner is still diligent about his research, but these days, he’s trying to do a little less when it comes to his routine. “My new thing is a little less exfoliating and taking a deep breath,” he says. “I think the pandemic made all of us exfoliate too much. Your skin doesn’t need to be raw all the time. You can do it maybe once or twice a week. Put some like sunscreen on and just chill out.”

So how well is he succeeding? Read on for his current routine. 

My cleansers 

 Allies of Skin has this oil cleanser that’s lovely. I’ve put everybody onto that lately. If I’m not wearing makeup, I’ll use the Hyram face wash; it’s a green tea cleanser that’s really lovely too.

My toners 

Then I’ll use the Barbara Sturm toner. I love that toner because it’s very simple. It doesn’t irritate my skin. I find the water in L.A. is really hard on my skin, and I had a lot of clogged pores and irritation. So once I started using a toner, I saw a change—I wasn’t a toner believer, but now I am. 

A few times a week I’ll use the Paula’s Choice BHA. But not too much. I find that if I do any exfoliant too much now, it’s not cute. I love this one; it’s my tried-and-true. I’ve used it since college, and my skin reacts so well to it. I’ve made so many people buy that product. I have six in my pocket right now! It’s so good and nonirritating. They knew what they were doing with that.

My serum 

In the daytime I use vitamin C. I love the Jason Emer one. It has such a nice texture and doesn’t irritate my skin. I noticed a change pretty quickly with that. 

My moisturizers

I use the Skinfix barrier repair cream at night. I love it. If I feel like my skin is still a little raw, I’ll use the Avène skin recovery cream. I use that on any areas that are super red, or if I’ve shot a video. Even for the Klarna video, my Benita character had a full pink eye, so I had to scrub the ol’ eyes down. It was worth it.

My eye cream

I love the Shani Darden eye cream. That’s my last step before bed.


In the morning I’ll use the Avéne sunscreen instead of the recovery cream.

My lip balms 

I love this MAC lip balm; it’s vanilla-y. I love sugar. So that’s everything to me, or the Laneige Peach Tea Lip Mask. There’s a holiday one too, and I’m not even just saying this, I literally bought it on Klarna from Sephora. I got the Gingerbread Laneige lip mask. I was like, “Daddy needs it. Let’s go.” I’ll definitely use that throughout the day.

My tools 

I love a light, so I have the LightStim; that’s so fun. I love my boyfriend walking into the bedroom and I have that on, and he’s like, “Why did I choose this life? This isn’t for me.” Like questioning everything. So I love that. That makes me feel special.

And then I do microneedle, but I usually let someone else do that. I just know I’ll do something bad. I recommend that to other people. Have someone else do it who really knows what they’re doing, because you don’t want to fuck up your face. You don’t want to hurt yourself. We don’t want that. So the LightStim is my tool. And honestly that’s a stunning thing to get yourself for Christmas. Pay that off over a few months and treat yourself, girlies. That’s a total win.

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty writer at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_. 

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