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Did I really just tame my crazy mane with deodorant spray and hand cream?

Ahh, the weird and wonderful things we discover when we’re pushed to do beauty improv on the fly!

This morning I was asked to jump on an unexpected video call for work at the last minute, and so of course, I’d just finished exercising and hadn’t showered or combed my hair. (Isn’t that always the case, though?)

I didn’t have much time to get ready, so I wiped my face and body with a damp washcloth, changed out of my sweaty workout clothes, sat down at my computer and then turned on the video camera. That’s when I realized just how crazy my hair looked, LOL! Leave it to the camera to always reveal the brutal truth.

Anyway, no one was on the call yet, and I figured I had a minute or two at the most. So, I took down my ponytail, raked my fingers through my hair and looked at what products I had on my desk. Then, I grabbed an organic spray deodorant and hand cream to do some improv hair stying.

First, I sprayed my hair all over with the deodorant spray to take down the overall frizz a notch (this particular deodorant is packed with essential oils, which I guessed would help with that).

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