Alamar Cosmetics and Disney Created the Cutest Encanto Makeup Collection

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Alamar Cosmetics and Disney Created the Cutest Encanto Makeup Collection

It’s fascinating how every animated Disney film is capable of transporting you to entirely new universes full of magic with characters that always manage to steal your heart. The next project that’s being added to the company’s lineup is the upcoming film Encanto. This film focuses on the Madrigal family, who live in a town called Encanto in the mountains of Colombia. They’re granted a magical house and powers by igniting an enchanted candle. The protagonist, Mirabel, is the only one in the family without magical powers, but when the family’s magic begins to fade, she takes it upon herself to save the family and their magic. 

In honor of the film’s upcoming release, Disney partnered with Latinx-owned brand Alamar Cosmetics to bring fans a makeup collection with 13 new products inspired by the magical world of the film and Colombian culture. The Alamar Cosmetics Disney Encanto Colección was designed to inspire the inner magic that exists within all of us. “As an independent, Latina-owned brand, this moment is a huge milestone for us and for the community,” founder Gabriela Trujillo shares with Allure via email. “Historically, for these types of collections, we have seen Disney collaborate with bigger, mainstream brands. The fact that they wanted to keep it authentic and collaborate with a Latina brand means a lot to me and my team.”

The brand has been working on this collection for over a year to ensure that all the color and vibrancy from the movie were replicated in the products. “The animation in the film is truly so beautiful, our goal was to bring it to real life with colors you could touch and wear,” Trujillo shares. “At the beginning of the process, we would sit on the computer with a dropper tool and pull the colors of the still images we had from the film.” In other words, the pigments you see in the photos below were pulled straight from the film.

When I first chatted with Trujillo about the collection in a virtual meeting deskside, I was immediately fascinated by the glimmering pink, blue, and green hues the moment she opened the Encanto Palette ($32). At first sight, I knew I needed to get my hands on the eye shadow palette and the rest of the collection to see if it would perform well in person — spoiler alert: I was not disappointed. 

Encanto Palette, $32 

Swatches from top to bottom: Encanto, Por Que I Can!, Petal to the Metal, Rise and Shine!, Amor Propio, Jaguar Parking, Colombiaaa!!!, Vine Time, ¡Casita!, and Familia First 
Courtesy of brand/Gabi Thorne

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