Addiction Treatment in Arizona: Levels of Care

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Addiction Treatment in Arizona: Levels of Care

When it comes to addiction treatment, there are many different levels of care. In Arizona, there are a variety of programs available to meet the needs of those struggling with addiction. In this blog post, we will discuss the different levels of care and what each one entails.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient care is the lowest level of rehabilitation. It is a form of rehab that allows patients to live at home while attending therapy sessions. Usually, outpatient care consists of a few hours of therapy one or two days per week. The main benefit of this kind of rehab is that it makes it very easy to continue living your life normally while you receive treatment. Because it allows you to maintain your schedule effectively without making many changes, it is preferred by those who have school, work, or events that they cannot miss.

This type of care is suitable for those who do not require intensive treatment or those who have completed an inpatient program. It is also an excellent option for those who have children to take care of or who face intense work schedules. Outpatient rehab generally includes a combination of individual and group counseling, as well as medication management.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

Intensive outpatient rehab is similar to outpatient rehab, but the therapy sessions are more frequent. Patients attend three or four days of treatment per week at least, for a total of nine hours or more. This level of care is best suited for those who have recently completed an inpatient program and need continued support, or for those who have not responded well to outpatient rehab but are unable to commit to the time and structure of inpatient rehab. IOPs provide ample structure and support that is often needed to maintain sobriety.

Like outpatient rehab, IOPs include individual and group counseling as well as medication management. However, the focus of IOPs is on relapse prevention and helping patients learn how to live sober lives outside of a treatment setting. This type of care can last for up to 90 days depending on the needs of the patient.

Inpatient Rehab

When it comes to rehab in Arizona, inpatient rehab is the most intensive level of addiction treatment. Patients live at a rehab center and receive 24-hour care and support. Inpatient rehab requires a significant time commitment, typically 28 to 30 days. For those with severe addictions or dual diagnoses, however, the stay may be up to three months.

This type of care is best suited for those who are struggling with addiction and have not responded to outpatient care. Because inpatient rehab provides a safe and supportive environment where patients can focus on their recovery without any distractions, it is also the best fit for those who suffer from extreme substance abuse disorders who risk a relapse if they are unsupervised. Patients receive individual and group counseling, as well as medication management, while in treatment.

Inpatient rehab centers also sometimes offer a variety of therapies, such as art therapy, equine therapy, talk therapies, behavioral therapies, and yoga. These therapies are designed to help patients address the underlying causes of their addiction and learn how to live sober lives.

Regardless of the level of care you choose, it is important to remember that addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing treatment. The best way to achieve long-term sobriety is by seeking out an appropriate level of care and committing to recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please call a facility near you today for help.

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