A Rock Chick Gets Ready: Skin Care, Makeup, and Second-Day Hair

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A Rock Chick Gets Ready: Skin Care, Makeup, and Second-Day Hair

My Evening Routine

Isabella Engert|

singer and songwriter, Kid Sistr

goop alumni do all sorts of incredible things, and Isabella Englert—who discovered clean beauty as a salesperson at the goop pop-up in Nashville—is making a name for herself in music, fronting the band Kid Sistr. Whether they’re on tour (which they are now, opening for the band Willow) or at home in LA (with an EP out, they’re releasing a number of new singles this fall), getting ready before a show is an all-band ritual. “We have fun doing one another’s makeup and hair—it’s this moment of togetherness that’s almost like a group meditation, all getting on the same page,” says Englert.

The routine, however, starts the day before. “Second-day hair is always better,” says Englert. “So if I’ve got the luxury of a day between shows, I wash the day before. The first goop product—and I think the first clean product—I ever bought was the scalp scrub shampoo, and I love it. My hair is healthiest when I don’t wash it too often; I get buildup and my hair can get super flat, so every few shampoos, I do the scrub. I use that occasion to do the new hair serum, too. Most hair oils are too heavy for me, so the serum is perfect—it leaves my hair silky, with plenty of volume and this great texture. I leave it on for twenty minutes, then jump in shower, do the scrub, and condition with Rahua Voluminous—it gives me great body.” The day of the show, Englert preps at the hotel before heading to the venue for sound check.

3:15 p.m.: My skin tends to be super dry, so I love face oil, and I put it on as soon as I’m out of the shower. Working in the store, I’d get to snag samples of different face oils, and I saw (and felt) how great they were for my skin. My favorite is Living Libations—it feels so good. It’s so moisturizing, plus I love scents so much, and it smells amazing.

I wait a few minutes, then smooth in some GOOPGLOW Lotion. It moisturizes my skin and leaves it feeling fresh, super hydrated, and pillowy-soft.

4 p.m.: We usually do our hair and makeup together at the venue where we’re going to play, before sound check. I like to do hair first, and it depends a lot on how I’m feeling. My mood always changes—sometimes I want to feel more masculine or more feminine. How I want to present myself is always changing.

There’s rarely time for a blow-dry, but if there is, I go all out. Usually there’s no time, so most often I put it up in a ponytail and braid it or leave it down and spritz in the sea salt spray from French Girl for texture, or I hair-spray it to make it sleek and slicked-back.

4:30 p.m.: We love to do one another’s makeup—sometimes we’ll do one look all together and try to match; other times it’s more eclectic. It’s super fun. In general, I like to focus on a major eye look or a lip. Westman Atelier has this burgundy eye shadow color I’ve been wearing every day—you can even wear it with a bright lipstick and it doesn’t look weird. My boyfriend, who never notices my makeup, asked me, “Do you have a nice eye shadow on? It looks so good!” I wear it for everyday and then also onstage—it’s the best.

For performing, I love some glitter on my face—we all like to use it—it’s just super fun, all around.

If I’m focusing on my eyes, I like a big Amy Winehouse cat-eye—the ILIA stuff is so black, and it really lasts. I use both the liner and the mascara. I add a bare lip and that’s it.

If I’m more into a lip that day, I pick one of three Kosas shades. I fell in love with Kosas lipstick at the goop store: They have the best red, Phoenix. Combine Phoenix with slick hair and you just look fancy and famous. I also love the fuchsia one, Violet Fury, and also Darkroom, which is super sexy.

The Olio E Osso crimson blush is so sheer and pretty. And maybe this sounds weird, but if I load up on blush, I don’t need concealer. (If I do need it though, I love the RMS.)

My brows need to be fluffed. On days that I’m not performing, I just do my brows and add a little mascara and blush, but before a show, brows are even more important. I like the super small brush on the Kosas brow gel—you can really get particular. My brows are kind of uneven, so I need that level of detail.

4:55 p.m.: Scent has such an effect on my mood. I just need to smell good before a show! I love the smoky goop scents, both Shiso and Incense—the latter has a note that almost smells like cigarettes to me, which I know sounds odd but I love. When I’m moving around onstage, I love to smell the perfume on my skin.

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