7 Stylish Indoor Compost Bins For Your Countertop

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7 Stylish Indoor Compost Bins For Your Countertop

It’s Time To Compost At Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly a third of what we throw away can actually be composted. That means we can redirect what ends up in landfills by turning our food scraps and yard waste into organic, nutritional soil.

In fact, did you know you can compost everything from tea bags to nut shells to fireplace ashes? Create a pile of scraps in a dark and shady area of your yard, and within two to four months, you can have rich and absorbent soil, lowering your carbon footprint and methane gases. Learn more about how to compost here.

No matter where you are or how small your living space, these cute and tiny indoor composting bins make green living that much easier. This list is the best indoor compost bins we could find and includes low-key countertop compost bins under $30 to home appliance investments, so there are plenty of sustainable options to help you turn your trash into actual treasure.

After you’ve gotten in the habit of producing the soil, you’ll need to expand your indoor garden! Check out our guides to vertical indoor gardens and where to buy houseplants online.

Best Overall —  Lomi 
Most Affordable — Package Free
Cutest On Our CountertopBamboozle

1. Bamboozle

Best For Compact electric composter

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