7 Best Body Pillows Made From Nontoxic Materials

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7 Best Body Pillows Made From Nontoxic Materials

Body Pillows For Rest, Relaxation, & Relief

One thing side sleepers, pregnant people, and those with back pain have in common? They can all benefit from a body pillow!

Body pillows often provide relief for our backs, arms, hips, legs, and even joints, depending on how we sleep. Even when they don’t provide physical relief, they can provide emotional comfort instead—many people love sleeping with body pillows as “cuddle” pillows to wrap their arms around. 

All of this to say: A body pillow can deepen our slumber in the best way. Here are seven of our favorites from sustainable brands helping us to sleep easier. 💤 Snuggle city, here we come.

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1. Suay Sew

Made In $199

Yana wants you to “cuddle up to your best night’s sleep” with its Sleep Pillow. This 55” body pillow is crafted with an organic cotton and bamboo velour cover on the outside (with 25 percent polyester) to keep you cool. On the inside, the fill is made from shredded organic latex, but it can also be removed if it feels too dense. It’s a great body pillow for anyone who likes a bit more comfort. Yana currently ships to the US and Canada.

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5. Organature

Made In

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