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6 Holiday Makeup Tips

Holiday makeup looks to make your days merry and bright!

Posted on December 1, 2021
Written by: 100% PURE

Red, green, and glitter – oh my! It is time for some holiday makeup. One of our favorite ways to look and feel festive is to channel the season with some vibrant holiday makeup looks!

Rather than wait until the last minute to think of holiday makeup looks, we’re sharing some ideas to get our cute and creative juices flowing. There’s room for sexy, smokey, natural, and glam around our candles and trees this year. We’ve got a few key tips to make application a breeze. Here are some fun ways to use new goodies and old favorites already in our collections.

2021 Holiday Makeup Inspiration

There are definitely a few looks we’ve seen before. While we love a thick winged liner and red lip combo as much as the next beauty queen, we do feel the itch to switch it up every so often. Here are a few ideas:

Cherry Pick
Not every tradition and trend has to make it into our holiday makeup looks. Rather than trying everything (especially difficult or unflattering options), we’re picking our favorites and trying them in ways that feel natural and comfortable for how we like to look.

Let’s Glow
We’re talking all over. Glowing skin is usually more of a summer thing, but glowy cheeks in cute fairy-like tones are a festive way to create a whimsical holiday makeup look. This year, we’re making it unique by bringing the glow all over the body. That peekaboo of shine and shimmer catches all the twinkling lights (and eyes).

Mixed Metals
On the topic of glow, we know glitters and shimmers are popular this year…and every year before that. Layering unexpected combos of glitter, or going with a contrasting look is eye-catching and gives the holiday makeup look a dash of panache.

Get Graphic
As we’ve mentioned, we do love graphic liner. Rather than traditional black, we’re adding layered candy cane liner in red and white, vibrant festive green, or electric sapphire blue.

Holiday makeup looks are often expected to be full glam, with full-coverage foundation creating a flawless complexion, lashes, and a bold lip to boot. But holiday makeup can be whatever we want it to be! Naked or natural skin paired with a popping red gloss is just as festive as long falsies and winged liner.

6 Holiday Makeup Tips to Try

Here’s the fun part. We’re experimenting with what’s already in our collection – or what’s on our holiday makeup wishlist – for looks that have our friends asking if we got a haircut.


#1: Twinkle In the Eye
This trend draws light to the eyes and lips, rather than all over the face, which can be uncomfortable during breakouts or for oily areas.

Take a liner brush or tiny shadow brush and dip into your favorite skin-hued Gemmed Luminizer.

Using a skin-toned shade is important for creating a natural and subtle glow, while the brush size is essential for getting a super accurate application.

Softly buff the highlighter onto the tear ducts and inner corners of the eye. Then, lightly paint the cupid’s bow area of the lips.

#2: Wink & Smoke
Try this metallic holiday makeup look on for size. A smokey eye, but with metallic tones – the best of both worlds, tbh.

Start off with a richly pigmented all-metallic shadow palette like our 5-pan Berry Naked Palette.

Next, select the shade Splendor, and using a petite shadow brush, start pressing the color along the lash line.

Once the color is fully built out, we’ll use a fluffy brush to blend the edges, drawing the shadow out into a wing shape.

For extra oomph without too much contrast or harshness, lightly drag our Creamy Long Last Liner in Dark Cacao along the lash line for added smoke, then blend out.

We’ll repeat the steps on our bottom lash line, layer on lots of mascara, and finish the look with whatever lip option suits the occasion best.

#3: Festive Feline
This is not our grandma’s classic winged liner, but it’s great for getting on the naughty list. Ideal for wide-set eyes, or creating that illusion, and stunning for fancy festive events.

Cover the lids in a neutral, matte shadow; works best with a skin-toned shade.

Using our vegan and cruelty-free smudge-proof and water-resistant Long Last Liquid Eye Liner, we’ll hold our skin taut and follow the angle of the lower lash line inward, extending the inner corner of the eye.

We’ll repeat the steps on the outer corner, angling up toward the tail of the brow for a festively feline, bold but simple holiday makeup look.

#4: Next to Neutral
Let’s face it, bold and colorful looks aren’t for every occasion, and they’re not always for everyone. But when we want to be chic and still have fun with our holiday makeup looks, a semi-neutral winged liner feels refreshing and unique.

We’ll need an angled brush and Fruit PigmentedⓇ Eye Shadow in our preferred shade of navy, olive, or rust. We can also use our Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer as an eyeshadow and liner!

Similar to our last look, we’ll use the shadow and liner to extend the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Using a blender brush, we’ll buff a soft tan or light brown shadow along the lower lash line. Then, we’ll use a pencil brush and the Fruit PigmentedⓇ Eye Shadow of choice along the lower lash line.

We’ll layer those two shades until the color is smoked out and smooth. Then, we finish with upper and lower lash mascara.


#5: Bold with a Bow
The tension between us and our desire to wear a bold lip is ever-present, and really fights to the surface during the colder months. Celebrate the holidays in a classic way by remixing a natural makeup look (light coverage concealer or foundation, fluffy brows, and no eye makeup) with an eye-catching showstopping berry, chocolatey brown, or intoxicating wine shade on the lip.

#6: DIY Baby Gloss
Our late teens were the time for vanilla-scented, semi-shimmery gloss, and we’ve been searching for a grown-up way to recreate the look ever since. Introducing this baby gloss option that will probably be our go-to way past the holiday season.

A shimmery or metallic eye palette is essential. We’re reaching for our Rose Gold Palette because the variety of pinky-toned shimmers is perfect for all shades of lips!

Starting with a clean finger, get a good amount of your preferred shade on your fingertip and rub it onto just the middle part of the upper and lower lips. Add a bit to the cupid’s bow as well.

Top with an almost clear gloss that’ll blur out the shadow and give the lips this creamy, shimmery effect. Our Fruit PigmentedⓇ Pink Caramel Gloss is perfect for this.

For a bit of extra sparkle, tap a tiny amount of shadow over the center of the lips again, and rub together to blend.

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