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A quick temperature check leaves me feeling all the things: I am ready for a vacation. I want to recharge. I want adventure. I want spontaneity. I want something to look forward to. Good food. Sunshine. Laughter. Hardcover books. Pampering. Movement. I’m talking a 100% total body + mind recharge. Who’s with me?

By: Lisa Fennessy


What kind of wellness retreat I’m looking for5 wellness retreats I’ve got my eye on…Castle Hot SpringsGolden DoorBlackberry FarmCivanaMiraval

The world is still crazy, y’all. My kids did a virtual learning stint right after the most recent holidays, and it put me in a mood. Which has been curbed by the daydreaming I’ve been doing about taking a SOLO wellness resort vacation. Catch my drift?

I’m feeling this pull to just really put my face to the sun and fill myself up. But as I started looking around, I realized that “wellness resort” can mean a lot of different things to different people. And that’s why I’m writing this post.

What kind of wellness retreat I’m looking for

Nothing weight or fasting focused

For example, I want to avoid any type of “wellness resort” that focuses on weight loss or liquid fasting—NO THANKS! Part of my wellness plan is green smoothies, but it’s also a thick-ass gluten-free Belgian waffle with all the fixins. 

Includes adventure

In addition, I want to see spa and meditation time on the schedule, but also adventure. I want to get out and do a hike that makes me sweat or try kitesurfing or geronimo into a hidden waterfall. Basically, a little bit of everything, AKA anything but a 7-day silent retreat sitting still in a room by myself—which is the definition of ANTI-WELLNESS IMO. 

Gives me space for spontaneity

Another aspect of life that I’ve been fantasizing about lately is spontaneity. Gosh, I miss that call from a girlfriend like, Wanna grab a glass of wine after work? Or my husband texting me on a Thursday like, Let’s get atta town this weekend. Or me, myself and I exploring the city on a whim like let me hit up this Korean spa, try some Float Therapy or get a cute-ass tattoo…I DON’T KNOW, JUST SOMETHING!!! 

Welcoming to solo travelers

In that vein, I’m thinking a solo trip would be best. The chances of spontaneity, meeting new people and trying new things goes way up for me when I’m alone, so I’m seeking out places where I can feel comfortable as a solo guest. 

Structure with flexibility

I also want some sort of structured wellness program without losing complete control of my day. Like, take care of me and challenge me…I want to “have to” do that meditation session because if no one is making me do it, I won’t. But at the same time, ya girl needs some pool and nap time too, so I’m not looking to be fully scheduled, just mildly. 

Location, location, location

And on that note, don’t give me a “wellness retreat” that’s in a city like Miami or NYC for christ’s sake. I don’t have THAT MUCH will power. I’ll be all meditation and green juice during the day and then by 4pm I’ll be ordering up bottle service at the Loews like, What wellness retreat? 

Lastly, I want to keep it US based…the thought of managing international logistics around COVID protocols right now spikes my blood pressure and I’m not here for that. 

Speaking of COVID, some of the resorts I checked out are not offering all their services like, you can come and stay but unfortunately no massages available at this time. NO THANKS! I’m not trying to deprive myself or be reminded that we are still living during pandemic times. I want the full buffet of services, especially if I’m forking over the big bucks. 

So with all that in mind, here are some places that fit my idea of a perfect wellness vacation. I realize these are luxe picks, but a girl can dream right?! 

5 wellness retreats in the US that I’ve got my eye on

Which retreat sticks out to you as a wishlist trip?

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