41 Genius Gift Ideas for Teens in 2021

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41 Genius Gift Ideas for Teens in 2021

The older you get, the trickier it can be to find the best gifts for teens. Because while you may have a general sense of what kids these days are into, it’s impossible to lump every Gen Z’er into an all-encompassing bucket—especially with the offbeat generation’s unique taste in mind. Maybe you’re shopping for your little sister who’s on her way to becoming the next big creator on TikTok, or you want to show your bookworm babysitter an extra token of appreciation this holiday season. Whatever your situation, there are at least a few solid, unique gift ideas to impress teen boys, teen girls, and those who don’t fall into either category.

The gifts below will get your wheels turning on the perfect pick. From no-fail tech gifts to cozy wardrobe staples and cute stocking stuffers, shop the 41 best gifts for teens that are worthy of a shout-out on their social media app of choice.

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