4 Easy Holiday Hairstyles to Try

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4 Easy Holiday Hairstyles to Try

Find an easy hairstyle that’s perfect for your holiday plans

Posted on December 6, 2021
Written by: 100% PURE

Looking great during this holiday season doesn’t have to be a challenge. Just practice our golden rule of hair – if the hair looks good, we look good. This busy time of year means some easy hairstyle suggestions are in order. Here are 4 outstanding festive looks to elevate your holiday hairstyle this winter season!

#1: Belle Meets Bridgerton

Journey with us to the past, because we’re having a bit of a love affair with our favorite book and television period pieces. Our first holiday hairstyle inspiration is giving major Bridgerton vibes.

This style complements all hair textures and a variety of lengths. Beyond being easy – which, of course, we love – the added ribbon element means we can customize the look to our personal occasion. Plus, this holiday hairstyle takes just minutes to achieve. Here’s how:

Start with the hair brushed, parted, and twisted, curled, or straightened as desired.

On each side, gather the hair along the hairline from the part to the top of the ear and clip each section to the side.

Working on one side at a time and working from the point where the part meets the hairline, twist the hair away from the face. We want to gradually add in a bit of the hair from that section as we go, still moving along the hairline, creating a twisted tail-like effect.

Once we have twisted all along the hairline and we’re at the top of the ear, we should twist that section enough to reach the center of the back of the head. Then, we should clip it down with a claw clip or alligator clip.

After both sides are twisted and clipped down, we’ll unclip them and gather them together. Then, secure them together with an elastic. To complete the holiday hairstyle, lightly pull the elastic down to loosen the ponytail and tuck the end of the tail over the top, into the gap. Then, pull through. Repeat as desired to enhance the twisted effect of this style, then pull the loose ends of the hair to tighten.

Finalize the look with a hair ribbon or barrette to elevate this holiday hairstyle.

#2: Model Chic

We’re never not in the mood for a simple, chic, classy look. This super easy hairstyle takes just seconds and replicates the stunning manes of models like Brigitte Bardot and Gigi Hadid.

First, we want to start with hair prep. The hair should be dried and treated as if we’re wearing it down. For curly hair, this might mean a fully dried wash and go with a leave-in and mousse. For straighter hair types, we’d definitely want some shine serum and a little volumizing spray or powder in the roots for some lift.

To start this style, we want to part out the crown of the hair around the entire head by leaving a 1- to 2-inch border fully along the hairline and gathering the center into a ponytail.

The hair that’s left out should be brushed down and tightly secured at the nape of the neck with an elastic. A bit of hairspray along the hairline might be necessary to keep this style perfectly in place.

Once the sides are clipped away, we’ll take down the center pony and start at the front of the crown section. Working in small horizontal sections, we want to tease a bit at the roots, going back to almost the middle of the back of the head.

After teasing, we’ll lightly brush to smooth the hair at the crown back and hide any visible teasing until the crown only has a slight, visible bit of volume left.

Add a bit of bling with a pin or barrette on one side just above the ear. This chic holiday hairstyle looks as stunning for holiday parties and dressier occasions as it does for date nights and drinks with the girls.

#3: A Dash of Spice

This holiday hairstyle is fun because like the last one, it takes our natural hair and with the help of a single accessory, transforms the look into an easy hairstyle that can be executed in seconds.

Again, we’re going to start with our hair styled as desired. Bonus – this look especially flatters curly and wavy hair types.

First, we’ll want to get the hair off of the face around the hairline. This involves brushing it back and holding it in place with either gel or hairspray.

Next, taking a stylish scarf that generously ties around the head, we want to take each end in either hand and put the curved center of the scarf along the nape of the neck under the hair so that the ends are up in the front at the top of the head.

We’ll then want to tie the scarf together in the center and tuck the tails of the scarf-headband underneath itself to hide the ends.

What’s great about this holiday hairstyle is that it celebrates the hair as it is. Plus, the look is totally interchangeable with different scarves. Go for options in dressier fabrics like velvet and satin for fancier occasions, or even prints referencing a favorite holiday or holiday character.

#4: Braided Headband

This look is a twist on the last one. It’s still a super easy holiday hairstyle for a variety of hair textures and lengths.

With pre-styled hair, we want to part out a small 1-inch section behind each ear and braid the hair all the way down on either side, securing the ends with a clear elastic. It’s important to pull the hair out and up as we braid to create a smooth style in the end.

When both sides are braided, we want to pull them forward across the hairline to create a faux-headband effect.

Cross the braids over each other and hide the ends under the opposite braid. Then, secure the style with bobby pins.

For a fancy event, add butterfly clips, pins with little gems, or pearl pins to the braids for even more drama and impact.

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