23 New Year Superstitions for Good Luck

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23 New Year Superstitions for Good Luck

At last, 2021 is winding down. With so much still out of our control, no wonder people want to brush up on New Year superstitions to help ring 2022 in right. That’s why there are so many New Year traditions.

For the foodies in the room, be sure to clear out those turkey leftovers and opt out of getting party wings for any New Year’s Eve dinner you’re prepping, because eating a winged animal on that night might just cause the good luck approaching you to fly the opposite way. If you’re looking for recipes, go for the peas—black-eyed peas, to be exact (they symbolize prosperity). And be sure to fill up your cupboards while you’re at it; it’s believed that having an empty kitchen on NYE could cause you to experience a shortage in the upcoming year. No, thank you. 

Those who will take any excuse to spruce up their homes will get excited about this one: Getting a good early spring cleaning in before the new year won’t only declutter your mind to make space for a new chapter—it’s believed you’ll also be booting out any evil spirits that just so happen to be lingering in the dust. Consider those New Year’s resolutions to clean more handled.

And there’s more. From wearing red underwear to traveling around with an empty suitcase, we’ve rounded up some of the most widely held New Year’s superstitions people are paying heed to around the world. If you’re looking to reel in a new love interest or just hoping 2022 will be a better year, read on. (And if superstitions aren’t your thing, just watch some of the best New Year’s movies and call it a night.)

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When it comes to New Year’s Day superstitions, a stocked fridge and pantry bodes well for the year ahead—and for your morning after brunch.  

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