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VAPOUR Vegan Pro Performance Blush Makeup Brush Non Toxic Cruelty Free Clean Makeup 0 0What are clean cosmetics?

Clean cosmetics are products that do not contain sulfates, parabens, mineral oil or chemical-derived ingredients. Sulfates are drying and irritating to your skin because they remove natural moisture from the surface of your skin. Parabens mimic estrogen in the body which can lead to reproductive problems like infertility and even breast cancer since it has been shown to disrupt hormones. Mineral oil is a petroleum byproduct so it clogs pores making you more likely develop acne when using them on your face as well as other health issues such as asthma and allergies among others.

What are the benefits of using clean makeup?

when you use clean makeup you will be doing your body a huge favor. Using Sulfate Free and Mineral Oil free products means you are saving yourself from any harmful cancer causing agents that may have been in the product before or after it is manufactured – this includes benzophenones, formaldehyde releasers and even phthalates which can disrupt our hormones.

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